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W.A.M. Wayne’s Automotive Membership

We recently instituted a discount card that offers drivers a way to save on periodic maintenance and be confident their car is safe to drive.  Two-Thirds of the items on the card are free with the others offering the holder a major discount.  I call it W.A.M, for Wayne’s Automotive Membership. The card offers more than $680 in free and discounted services.

The price of the card is only $149.00 or you can make 4 easy consecutive payments of $39.95.



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Full Service Auto Repair in Albuquerque New Mexico

Finding a good Auto Repair shop is not easy. It is even more difficult when you have to find a car repair shop for specific repairs. We can make things easier on you because we perform full service car repair. Here are some of the repairs we carry out at our shop.

Changing Your Oil

Oil is the lifeblood of your car and you should change it regularly just as your body replenishes itself regularly with new red blood cells. You should change it after a few months if your car model does not alert you when this change is necessary.

Changing the Engine Coolant

Your engine breaks down when it overheats but the coolant prevents this from happening by continuously cooling your engine. You should change it regularly to prolong the life of your engine. We can change it for you in a professional way that increases the efficiency of your car.

Tire Repair

Tires are the most important part of a car but they suffer from stress due to constant friction with the road. You should check them regularly to prevent any accidents such as skidding off a road because of worn out tires. We can repair car tires for you as well as replace damaged or worn out tires.

Battery and Electrical Repairs

A damaged or worn out battery can stop working at a very critical time such as during an emergency. Electrical systems in your car can also malfunction and lead to serious consequences such as loss of control. We can easily take care of these critical repairs for you. You should also take advantage of our fuel system repairs where we replace damaged air filters and clogged fuel pumps. Contact us today and we will be happy to serve you.

Since 1982 Wayne’s Automotive has been serving the North Valley and it’s clients. With excellent pricing and customer service it has built an excellent reputation. Doing mechanical work on all makes and models.


Wayne Overall believes in customer service and now offers free shuttle service. Imagine the time savings not having to drive back and forth and waiting in the lobby for your turn. We do this for you!

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Wayne’s Automotive gives a Nationwide Warranty on all mechanical work they perform.